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" Becky was an awesome facilitator through this difficult time in my life. She has shown a great amount of compassion and empathy during my sessions. She listens and was non-judgmental and understanding of the difficulties and pain I was experiencing since the loss of my child. I highly recommend her to others as she has been a blessing in helping me get to where I am today with my personal & family life.



Becky made me feel at ease almost immediately. She has such a gentle sense about her. I truly love what she has given to me and what the program has done. I love that release of grief I felt when I read my letter. It was uplifting 1-on-1 Support."


Participant in Ontario,





The Grief Recovery Workshop is very warm and welcoming. It was a safe place to learn about different aspects of grief as well as learning and sharing about my own grief.



 This Grief Recovery Program examines the aspects of grief that we were never exposed to before. It provided a personal awareness of the losses in our lives and how to heal ` a broken heart`.


The Workshop gave me the tools and help and also the facilitator explained how to deal with future words that people use in trying to make me feel better. Thank you for allowing myself and my wife to share in the workshop with everyone in the group. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this program in the future.



I had no idea what to expect coming into this workshop. I knew that it could not hurt and thought it would be hopeful with my understanding of others grief and my own. I had no idea how it would allow me to review and express my feelings and realize how much grieving I still needed to do. I have not taken time out for myself and have not allowed myself to experience crying, thinking of my loved one, forgiving, apologizing, all of the lessons, The Book, Becky, everything about this Recovery Workshop was surprising and enlightening.


Participant in ON

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