Advanced Certified Grief Recovery

Becky Ewen is an Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist who will take you through an eight-week program which will help you to overcome loss. The method that she uses can be utilized in a group format ( recommended ) or in a one on one capacity.  Becky will tailor your grief recovery to meet your specific needs and comfort level.  Anything you share with will remain completely confidential unless you plan to cause harm to yourself or others.

Grief Recovery is a great next step if you can not stop ruminating about something from the past.  If you use busy-ness as an excuse to avoid taking time to grieve endings or losses. Grief Recovery is ideal if you escape or medicate the hurt of loss to stop the feelings of pain with self disruptive behaviors such as overeating, substance abuse, pornography, inappropriate relationships, over engagement with social media, working too much or anything that is serving to the detriment of your family and personal life.  If you, avoid pain by spinning the truth and glossing over the losses and the struggles if you dream of quitting in order to avoid the pain and setbacks that routinely characterize leadership.  

Or if you are not honest about feelings and doubt deep within the surface of your life, then with my help you can begin to heal.  

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Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR)

Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) is a technique which, when administered by a competent trained facilitator, has proven to be very effective in addressing and resolving symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other unwanted conditions resulting from past traumatic experiences. TIR is one of a great number of techniques that make up the subject of Applied Metapsychology.

TIR is a form of education; it is not therapy. We refer to this process as viewing, as viewing his mental environment is what a client does in a TIR/metapsychology session. Viewing is a form of integrative learning: the client is not acquiring new data but integrating the data he already has. In doing so, the client is able to fully process past traumatic incidents and release the emotional charge they contain. 


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