Putting A Price Tag On Grief

Two days after her daughter`s funeral, Julie returned to her job as manager of an insurance agency. Through out her work day all she did was think about her loss. She put in her full 8 hour day but for the next year she really didn`t do more than 4 hours of productive work each day.

How much do you think it cost that company in loss productivity?

How much do you think it cost Julie physically and mentally to force herself to` Be Strong and Carry On` , instead of taking off the needed time to repair her heart and well being.

The Grief Recovery Institute embarked on an ambitious undertaking: to measure how grief affects us personally and our employers, in dollars and cents.

it is called the `Grief Index` and it measures sources of emotional pain ranging from miscarriages to pet loss, in loss revenue to employers.

Hidden grief costs more than 75 billion annually and rising.

`When your heart is broken, your head doesn`t work right` says the late Russell Friedman, the institutes co-director.`Greivers must be come advocates for their own needs. He suggests asking bosses to permit them `grief breaks` so they will be more productive the rest of the day. Or if mourning, ask for extra days of bereavement leave so they will be more productive when they return. or help employees be better workers when they show organizational compassion such as a simple gesture of comfort.

So, is this realistic? In today`s society where each individual is seen not as a sacred part of our universe, but a means to make a profit, it is costly,so where is the concern?.

There is always grief somewhere in the workplace and companies have to deal with it.

Does yours?

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