Grief Recovery Workshops


Upcoming:Tuesday, Jan 19, 2021


Victoria Greenlawn Funeral Home

1525 Highway 3, Oldcastle, ON


As you work your way through the emotional pain of any loss, it is very much like following a path along a road.

One of the problems while on this path, is if we continue to follow it in the same manner that we have done in the past, our grief will end up leaving us still feeling sad and having to deal with our broken heart.

That is why so many people struggle in dealing with their grief issues.

 They don’t find themselves feeling any better, because they start their journey of healing, by heading in the wrong direction.

If you are tired of constantly living with your emotional pain and frustrated that the path you have followed in the past has led you nowhere, it’s time to head in a new and better direction.

The Grief Recovery Method offers you the opportunity to take positive recovery action.

It will give you the best possible guidance in finding your new pathway to the future. 

The Steps of Grief are not nearly as confusing, when you head in the right direction!

Start your healing journey today!

Becky Ewen is an Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist with The Grief Recovery Method Institute.  Her interest in becoming a GRS has stemmed from her own grief which has ranged from family deaths to personal losses and she has found immense relief through the grief recovery method. After having such success in this program herself, she was inspired to bring The Grief Recovery Method to the Windsor/Essex County Area.  She currently resides in LaSalle, Ontario with her husband. She has two children, three grandchildren and a dog named Mo.